Dec 21, 2021 | K-12 Youth

When math teacher Jean-Baptiste Huynh noticed that many of his young and enthusiastic students, although otherwise intelligent, struggled with algebra, he figured there was a problem with the way the subject was taught, and not with the students themselves.  Because of this, he decided to found his own educational software company, WeWantToKnow, together with Patrick Marchal, Ph.d in cognitive science.

In 2011, the first concepts of DragonBox Algebra (now DragonBox Algebra 5+) began developing.  The idea – to create a learning tool that makes it fast, and easy, to learn algebra.  Coined as the game that “secretly teaches algebra”, the innovative app gained international recognition as one of the best serious games ever, and a game changer for how math is being taught.

The DragonBox Algebra series and DragonBox Elements were created to be fast, effective games that would make learning less painful for students, teachers and parents.  The newer games,

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