STEM Curriculum Support Program

WWEST STEM educators, in collaboration with individual K-12 classroom teachers will create, develop, and facilitate a series of four engaging, hands-on, BC Education STEM/ADST curriculum linked lessons.  WWEST supplies all materials and delivers the sessions, at no-cost to schools.  

NEW this year, we invite participating teachers to join the WWEST Teacher Engagement and Mentorship (TEAM) program, as an ongoing support for STEM based teaching and learning initiatives.

To prepare for Registration,

please follow these steps FIRST!

Step 1:  Know your school’s general location:  your registration is based on zones (eg. City of Vernon, Peachland).

Step 2:  If you are registering more than one individual class ensure your quantity total is equal to the number of classes (eg. you are a grade 8 science teacher with 4 blocks of science, your cart total should equal 4–whether that is all in the same series or throughout the year).

Step 3:  Decide upon your prefered date to start:  there are 5 different groups of dates referred to as a “series” for each school year.  Please be sure to review the series dates when registering, as they may straddle months.

Step 4:  Using the list of activities (PDF link below), you need to select the 4 activities you would like WWEST to facilitate. Each lesson has a suggested grade range however, most lessons can be adapted to meet curriculum in other grade levels.  Some lessons are still under review (marked with an (*), and if chosen, we will do our best to accommodate these activities.  If you choose a lesson with an *, please make an alternate choice as well on the registration form.  WWEST staff will then consult with you to coordinate which lessons will be shared with your class.

Please note: If a curricular competency is not listed or met within our current activity library, there is an opportunity to request a new activity.  If possible, we will collaborate and build the lesson for your class.

If you have further questions, please reach out (

(Click HERE for PDF List of all Activities)

  • The activities below are all designed with specific grades and curriculum outcomes.  For most, we are able to adapt and connect to fit a different grade/audience if requested.   
  • Please note:  activities marked with an (*) are currently under review.  If selecting this lesson, please ensure you select an additional activity, in case this one is not available during your selected series. 




Teacher Cohorts
Teacher Cohorts
Teacher Cohorts