Nerd Girls

Dec 21, 2021 | Parents

Nerd Girls was founded by Dr. Karen Panetta, a professor and Dean at Tufts University and an IEEE Fellow, to empower female engineering students and challenge the stereotypes and myths about women in the profession. Panetta teamed up with award-winning producer Karen Johnson and Oscar® and Emmy®-nominated filmmaker Paola di Florio to create media content and further develop the Nerd Girls brand. One of Nerd Girls’ main goals, to “redefine nerd,” aims to debunk stereotypes and serve as a catalyst in shifting the negative results of female portrayal in the media through positive messaging, opportunities and support for young women.  The Nerd Girl Nation web series, which was directed by Paola di Florio, is cohosted by Dr. Panetta and Craig “Lowie” Low, an award-winning Australian comedian, TV host, radio host, and writer.

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