Excellence in innovation and discovery depends upon diverse perspectives and equitable opportunities and approaches. In this theme, a core commitment of the Chair is fostering paths to access STEM experiences, education and careers.


This theme recognizes the need for cultivated, co-ordinated and engaged partners for meaningful positive impact for girls, women and underrepresented persons.


In this theme a deeper understanding of the social, cultural and personal experiences that influence interactions and choices in STEM are pursued. Through focusing on positive conditions and characteristics that help girls and women succeed.

With a goal to IMPACT LOCALLY and INFLUENCE NATIONALLY, the activities of the British Columbia/Yukon Chair, will advance local engagement, transformative learning, and research excellence around the three core themes of INCLUSION, COLLABORATION and INNOVATION.




WWEST: STEM Outreach

The WWEST STEM Outreach team eagerly collaborates with classroom teachers to develop engaging hands-on lessons for students.  Using various BC Education Curriculum outcomes, lessons are STEM focused but based on the needs of the local classroom community.  In-person, classroom lessons, are designed as a series of visits, with the goal of building connections and interest in STEM retention for years to come.


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STEM related classroom visits

Over a 3 week period, WWEST was able to visit six classrooms and introduce over 150 students to STEM activities which have been developed in cooperation with the BC Education curriculum.  Local school educators share in the learning and teaching of STEM activities through a series of sessions, or singular lessons, lead by the iSTAND outreach instructor team.

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